Who Is Known As The Painter Of Light?

Why is Thomas Kinkade the Painter of Light?

In the 1980s, Kinkade gave himself the moniker “Painter of Light,” symbolizing not only his technical understanding of light, but also a set of spiritual motifs in his work.

What is Thomas Kinkade known for?

About the Painter of Light It was this dedication and singular-minded focus on the ultimate goal of Sharing the Light™ that made Thomas Kinkade, a simple boy with a brush from the small country town of Placerville, California the most-collected living artist of his time.

Where is Nanette Kinkade now?

NANETTE KINKADE Nanette is an RN with a bachelor’s degree in Nursing and serves on the advisory board for the Thomas Kinkade Company. Nanette and Thomas Kinkade were childhood sweethearts and were married for 30 years.

What letter is hidden in Thomas Kinkade paintings?

Kinkade hid the letter ‘N’ seven times in the painting as a tribute to his wife, Nanette, and if you look closely, you might spot a visitor in the distance approaching the gate.

What makes Thomas Kinkade unique?

While much of Thomas Kinkade’s worldwide acclaim stemmed from his well-crafted use of luminism – A painting style that emphasizes a unique clarity of light – Kinkade was an adeptly skilled artist whose talents spanned many genres and artistic styles.

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Do Thomas Kinkade paintings increase in value?

Local artist Kinkade died three years ago at the age of 54. It’s been said that one out of every 20 homes in America has his work on a wall. But the signed and numbered limited editions have gone up anywhere from $300 to $1,000 since the artist’s death, and they’ll likely continue to increase in value.

Who was Thomas Kinkades mentor?

Peter O’Toole, earning a crust playing Kinkade’s artistic mentor, urges the young painter to “Paint the light, Thomas!

Does Thomas Kinkade use oil paint?

After painting with acrylic or vinyl based paints, Kinkade finished his work with oil paints. There is a waiting period during the transition from acrylic to oil paint so as not to ruin the image. The oil paint is used to add depth to the detail. Kinkade also used a fine point air brush for hairline detail and accents.

Who created Luminism?

Following in the footsteps of Church and Durand, another group of second generation Hudson River School painters included Fitz Hugh Lane, Martin Johnson Heade, and John Frederick Kensett who developed the Luminist style which came into maturity in the 1850s.

What does kitsch art mean?

What is the fascination of kitsch? The Oxford art dictionary hedges its bets, defining kitsch as ” art, objects or design considered to be in poor taste because of excessive garishness or sentimentality, but sometimes appreciated in an ironic or knowing way “

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