Readers ask: Psubstance Painter How To Select Id?

How do you make a ID map for a substance painter?

In Painter, you go to Bake Textures>ID and set the Mode to Material Color. The color that you set for the material in your 3D program will be baked as a texture. You are essentially flooding the UV shell associated with the material ID with the color of the material.

What is an ID map?

What is an ID map? It’s just a simple texture that covers different elements of your mesh with different colors. Like this one made for a chair below. Many materials, many textures As you can see, we have two materials on this mesh.

How do I assign a material ID in Maya?

Maya doesn’t really have an analogue to Material IDs, as far as I know. You just select the desired faces, hold the right mouse button on the material in the Hypershade and select Assign Material to Selection.

How do I export ID from substance map?

To export them it is possible to either:

  1. Use the File > Export Textures dialog and choose the export preset “Mesh maps”
  2. Right-click on the a baked texture in the Shelf and choosing “Export”.

What is ID map in substance painter?

This baker allows you to project Vertex Colors, Material colors or Random colors per sub-objects from a high definition mesh to the current model. It can be used to bake zBrush Polypaint or Material IDs.

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How do you use Cryptomatte blender?


  1. Enable Cryptomatte Object render pass in the Passes panel, and render.
  2. In the compositing nodes, create a Cryptomatte node and select the Cryptomatte layer.
  3. Attach a Viewer node to the combined pass of the render layers.
  4. Use the Cryptomatte Add/Remove button to sample objects from the Compositor backdrop.

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