Readers ask: Botw Where Is Painter?

Where is Pikango in Lurelin village?

Pikango is on top of a hill in Lurelin Village, to the left the general store. The memory is found on the west side of the castle. If you have it on your map, the fastest way to get there is from Serenne Stable in Hyrule Ridge, or Woodland Stable in Woodland.

How do you view pictures on Pikango?

You can come back at any time to upgrade almost any piece, so be sure to visit often. Once she departs, take a picture of the fountain in bloom with your Camera Rune, and then return back to Pikango and show him the picture.

Where is the first picture Botw?

The first picture is located at the Sacred Ground Ruins within Central Hyrule, directly south of Hyrule Castle. The location is easily recognizable just by glancing at the map. Run over to the glowing yellow circle to reveal the memory.

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Should I give 100 rupees to the fairy?

The first fairy needs 100 Rupees, the second will ask for 500, the third will need 1,000, and the fourth Great Fairy will require a whopping 10,000 rupees! In other words, all Fairies strengthen each other upon being released. It does not matter which order you unlock them in.

What is the fastest way to get rupees in Botw?


  1. Rito Village.
  2. Trott will buy Raw Gourmet Meat for 100 rupees.
  3. Meat Skewers can make you hundreds of rupees.
  4. Great-Horned Rhinoceros.
  5. Cooking apples gives you Simmered Fruit, worth 10 rupees per apple.
  6. Pondo’s Lodge, home of snowball bowling.
  7. Getting a strike will earn you 300 rupees.
  8. Gorae Torr Shrine.

How do I find Pikango?

Pikango is a traveling painter hailing from Kakariko Village. He can first be found in Kakariko Village, painting a picture of Impa’s House. He asks if Link may be a traveler like him.

What gate is Pikango talking about?

It is located at the Lanayru Road – East Gate, and Pikango recognizes Mount Lanayru in the background.

Where is the memory in Goron City?

It’s found on the road going through Hyrule Ridge, West across the river from the Central Tower. Look for the road to the East of Satori Mountain to find the park at the top of a large hill, where the memory is found near the statue.

Who stole the heirloom?

There, Dorian will draw out an officer of the Yiga Clan who is the thief of the heirloom. He warns Dorian that all that has happened is the price for leaving the Yiga Clan, but before killing Dorian he notices and challenges Link. Defeating the Yiga Blademaster allows Link to take back the Sheikah Heirloom.

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What happens when you find all fairy fountains Botw?

For every Fairy Fountain you visit, the Great Fairies you find will be able to upgrade your armor another level. There are four Great Fairies throughout Hyrule. Be forewarned: For each Great Fairy you find, they’ll need an increasingly larger amount of rupees to “wake up,” topping out at 10,000 rupees!

Should I give rupees to the fairy?

So to answer the question, yes, you should give a Rupees to the great fairy in Kakariko village, in fact, it will be well worth it in the long run as it will grant you spoke armor upgrades. It’s not a trick, so be sure to give her your hard earned money for your time.

Why does Link not speak?

Miyamoto reveals Link’s full name; he won’t speak in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Miyamoto has said that this is because he wants the player to more or less feel like they are Link and having a speaking protagonist would break this illusion.

Why does Zelda hate Link in Botw?

For the majority of the game, Zelda seems to straight up hate and resent Link for his natural abilities. This mostly stems from her own insecurities, notably her inability to awaken her powers as Princess, but it doesn’t stop her from detesting Link for roughly 85% of the whole game.

What is the easiest memory to find in Breath of the Wild?

The second memory is one of the easiest to discover in Breath of the Wild as it’s positioned near to the Great Plateau where you start your game. If you head to the west of Lake Kolomo, there’s a small path that leads towards the lake. Head to the end of it and then turn to your left.

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