Question: How Do I Export My Texture From Substance Painter To Maya Mental Ray?

How do I export a texture model from a substance painter?

Once a project is ready, go to the File menu and choose Export Textures to open the export window. This new window will allow to export the content of a project as image files.

How do I import a substance painter into Maya?


  1. Import your model into Maya by going to File > Import, choosing your 3D file, and then clicking Import.
  2. Click Mesh > Combine to combine your mesh into a single object.
  3. Unwrap the model into 0-1 UV space. Make sure that no UVs overlap:
  4. Apply a Phong material to the model:

How do you plug in textures in Maya?

Select your material in the Hypershade. In the material Attribute Editor or Property Editor, click beside the attribute that you want to connect a texture to; for example, Color. The Create Render Node window appears. Select File from the Create Render Node window.

How do I export a normal map from a substance painter?

To export them it is possible to either:

  1. Use the File > Export Textures dialog and choose the export preset “Mesh maps”
  2. Right-click on the a baked texture in the Shelf and choosing “Export”.

How do you export a substance?

Navigate to Substance Painter and in the top menu click File > Import:

  1. An Import Resources dialog will open:
  2. Current Session: This location will be a temporary import that will only exist during this session of Substance Painter.
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How do you bake in a substance painter?

How to bake Mesh maps

  1. Open the Texture Set Settings window:
  2. Inside the Texture Set Settings window, click the Bake Mesh Maps button to open the Baker Settings window:
  3. Click the Bake selected textures or Bake “Your Material Name” button at the bottom of the Baker Settings window to start the process:

What is texturing in Maya?

In visual arts, a texture is any kind of surface detail, both visual and tactile. In Maya, you create surface detail with textures connected to the material of objects as texture maps. Materials define the basic substance of an object, and textures add detail. A set of 2D and 3D textures are provided in Maya.

What is texturing in animation?

3D Texturing is basically wrapping a 2D image around a 3D object and defining how light would affect it. Various software packages have different tools and techniques for adding texture to a 3D model. The texturing stage of the 3D animation pipeline includes unwrapping, texture painting & shading, and rendering.

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