Often asked: How To Move View In Substance Painter?

How do I reset my view in substance painter?

Author Topic: reset view in SP 1.7.3 (Read 5616 times) You can press F to recenter the view, and then rotate the camera while pressing “SHIFT” which will snap it.

How do I rotate a 2d view in substance painter?

Alt-Click to rotate, Alt-Shift-click to snap.

How do I change the navigation in substance painter?

You can configure the keyboard shortcuts in Painter to change the navigation. By default, Painter’s navigation works like Maya/Mudbox, but you can change the shortcuts to a different setup. The Mouse Shortcuts can be found in Edit>Settings.

How do you focus on a substance painter?

Focus Distance This point is used by the Depth of Field effect. The Focus Distance can be set automatically by clicking on a point of the mesh with the shortcut CTRL + Middle Mouse Button.

Where is viewer settings substance painter?

It’s the little screen icon in the toolbar on the right of the screen.

How do you rotate a brush in substance painter?

Rotating the Stencil can be done by pressing the S key and click and dragging with the Left Mouse button. Additionally, pressing the Shift key allows to snap the rotation every 90 degrees.

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How do substance painters choose color?

You have to right click in the viewport, then select color button and then click on the eyedropper. I’m painting like this: brush stroke, sample color, two brush strokes, sample another color, brush stroke, sample another color, brush stroke etc.

How do you change the brush size on a substance painter?

Instead of pressing the bracket keys to toggle the size of your current brush. Why not have it so, you hold the “B” key and left click drag left & right to adjust the size of the brush on the go?

How do you turn on lazy mouse in substance painter?

The Lazy Mouse is a distance offset between the mouse cursor and the actual painting which allows to paint more precise or smooth strokes. It can be enabled via the contextual toolbar. It makes painting clean and continuous line easier.

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