How To Use Magnum Project Painter Plus?

How do you use a paint sprayer for the first time?

Always start by spraying into the air beside the piece, spray the entire surface (from left to right) and off the other side of the piece into the air. That way your finish is smooth and continuous and doesn’t have too much paint on the sides or corners from stopping and starting your sprayer.

How can I spray my walls without hitting the ceiling?

Masking a Room to Spray Paint or Texture If you’re spraying paint or texture, you’ll need to mask off entire rooms or walls. The easiest way to do this is to run a strip of wide painter’s tape (3+ inches) around the perimeter of the ceiling. Only adhere the top edge of the tape, leaving the bottom edge exposed.

What size tip comes with Graco Project Painter Plus?

The Project Painter Plus includes a “515” spray tip, which is great for painting large surfaces with thicker paints, but you’ll want to check the matrix (or the back of your paint can) to determine the proper tip for your job.

What tip comes with Graco X7?

What tip comes with Graco x7? The Graco X7 comes with a 515 RAC IV Spray Tip out of the box. This provides a 10″ spray width and a 0.015″ (thou) orifice. A 515 spray tip is suitable for most latex and exterior paints, however, you may wish to purchase a smaller tip size for more detailed painting projects.

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