FAQ: Why Is My Edge Wear Black Substnace Painter?

How do you bake normals in a substance painter?

To bake the maps, select Bake Mesh Maps at the bottom-right of the Bake window where you see the name of the Material. After the maps have baked, the Textures are automatically mapped to the correct channels for use by Substance Painter. You can now begin to texture and paint your Asset.

What is a generator in substance painter?

Generators are substances that generate a mask or a material based on the mesh topology using the additional maps setup in the TextureSet Settings. Each generator has a set of parameters allowing you to fine-tune the resulting mask.

What is curvature in substance painter?

The curvature baker allows you to extract and store concave and convex information related to your mesh. The black values represent the concave areas. The white values represent the convex areas. The gray values represent neutral/flat areas.

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