FAQ: What Kind Of Painter Was Friedrich Church?

What kind of artist was Frederic Edwin Church?

Frederic Edwin Church – 58 artworks – painting.

What influenced Frederic Edwin Church?

He was greatly influenced by the writings of Alexander von Humboldt, the German naturalist and in 1853, while he was in Ecuador, stayed in a house where Humboldt had lived. Church portrayed the beauties of the Andes Mountains and tropical forests with great skill.

What materials did Frederic Edwin Church use?

He made detailed graphite drawings and oil sketches on location and acquired photographs of those scenes to compose oil paintings in his New York studio. He even went so far as to paint over someone else’s photographic prints to compose his most popular painting of Niagara Falls.

Who created Luminism?

Following in the footsteps of Church and Durand, another group of second generation Hudson River School painters included Fitz Hugh Lane, Martin Johnson Heade, and John Frederick Kensett who developed the Luminist style which came into maturity in the 1850s.

When was Frederic Church born?

Frederic Edwin Church was born in Hartford, Connecticut, on May 4, 1826, the only son of a wealthy businessman. Although his father hoped he would become a physician or enter the world of business, Church persisted in his early desire to be a painter. In 1842-1843 he studied in Hartford with Alexander H.

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Where did Frederic Church paint?

Church quickly earned a reputation as a traveler-artist, with early domestic painting and sketching trips to the White Mountains, western Massachusetts, the Catskills, Hartford, Conn, Niagara, Virginia, Kentucky, and Maine.

What medium did Frederic Edwin Church use?


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