FAQ: What Is A Map Substance Painter?

What is baking a map?

Texture baking is the process of transferring details from one model to another. When a ray intersects the 2nd model, it records the surface detail and saves that into a texture map, using the first model’s Texture Coordinates.

Why do we bake maps?

Baking the position map allows Painter’s filters and generators to know where the bottom of the mesh is. When the filters and generators have this extra information, they can create effects that use the geometry of the mesh to appear more realistically.

How do you bake a normal map?

Summary ^

  1. Make sure both meshes are the same size and at the same location.
  2. UV map low-poly mesh and assign an Image (with or without Material).
  3. High resolution mesh can have Subdivision or Multires modifiers active.
  4. Set “Bake” options “Normal” and “Active to Selected”.
  5. Click the “Bake” button to generate Normal map.

What is a curvature map substance?

The curvature baker allows you to extract and store concave and convex information related to your mesh. The black values represent the concave areas. The white values represent the convex areas.

How do I import textures into substance painter?

Navigate to Substance Painter and in the top menu click File > Import:

  1. An Import Resources dialog will open:
  2. Current Session: This location will be a temporary import that will only exist during this session of Substance Painter.
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What is a diffuse map?

A Diffuse map is the most common kind of texture map. It defines the color and pattern of the object. Mapping the diffuse color is like painting an image on the surface of the object. A good diffuse texture has no directional light painted in it.

Why do you bake textures in substance painter?

Baking is the process of transferring surface information into Textures so that every detail of a Mesh doesn’t need to be rendered. Before you begin texturing and painting an Asset in Substance Painter, you need to bake the Textures. This creates Texture files that will be updated when you’re painting and texturing.

Why do you need to bake textures?

Texture baking is the process of transferring texture data from one 3D model to another 3D model. The first is that a lower poly model has less data and therefore is a smaller file-size than a high-poly model. The second reason is that game engines, web viewers, & AR often struggle with processing higher-poly models.

How do you bake on mesh?

With bakes on mesh, you can apply any system skins and other layers to your avatar (you don’t need or want the alpha layer), and then tell the viewer to apply the resulting baked texture to your mesh body part. The underlying system avatar part is hidden for you automatically so the alpha wearable is not required.

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