FAQ: How To Make Gloss Map Substance Painter?

How do you add gloss to a substance painter?

You can drag n’drop it in the shelf (“Shaders” tab) or copy/past it in “DocumentsSubstance Painter shelfshaders” folder. Then select it in the “Viewer Settings” and create “Specular” (RGB) and “Glossiness” channels in your document.

How do you create a normal map in substance painter?

To paint normal map details:

  1. Add a normal channel in the current current Texture Set (if not already present)
  2. Enable the normal channel in the current painting tool.
  3. Load a Normal resource in the Normal slot of the Material section of the current painting tool.

What is a gloss map?

The gloss map defines the smoothness, reflectivity and tightness of specular highlights. For metals, the shader doesn’t control specular color – the specular texture map does. Specular color is physically based.

Is specular the same as roughness?

The difference is really subtle, the way I understand it is that specular map controls which parts of the object are shiny and which parts aren’t, the specular roughness map controls how sharp those highlights are.

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