Built of local stone and covered in roses and wisteria, the Red Dog Gallery houses regular exhibitions of art throughout the year in a relaxed, domestic setting.  No High Street prices, no hard sell. A wide range of work is always available and can be viewed online and at your convenience in the gallery in between scheduled exhibitions – just give me a call or drop me an email (see below) to make sure I am in.

Vicky Saunders
With experience of the art world spanning four decades, I am passionate about fine art. I help people find pieces that they can love for years to come.  A work of art may have significance because it represents a special place or time – or it may simply have made you smile. It may be aspirational, calming, intriguing, small and inviting further examination, or on a grand scale and part of a bigger decorative scheme.

Regular exhibitions take place throughout the year. Keep an eye on the website, follow us on social media or click on the Subscribe button below to receive notifications, invitations to previews and other events, and details of new acquisitions.