Artist of the Month – Jill Poole

Jill’s delicate work is pretty but never saccharine. Her charming images are inspired by a fierce passion for the conservation of bumble bees and native wildlife.

59 x 59cm

Jill is a keen gardener and spends a lot of time observing insects and birds amongst the plants. This observation is at the heart of her work, resulting in a unique style full of detail. She has a first class degree in illustration.

27 x 37.5cm

Each print is further enhanced by the addition of a small drawn detail, a gilded highlight or a touch of collage and each one is completely unique. Jill enjoys this experimentation and uses recycled and environmentally friendly materials.

Nectar Heaven I
17 x 22cm

We are delighted to have a selection of Jill’s work for sale (click here to view), framed in beautifully made simple, hand-painted white wooden frames ready to hang on the wall.

Galanthus Nivalis
10.5 x 7.5cm

Her designs have also been used to great effect on a range of fabrics with a contemporary yet nostalgic feel.